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Astrological Tarot

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This tarot deck is a must for all lovers of astrology, with specially designed cards depicting the celestial myths behind western astrological signs.

Let the stars guide your decision making with this unique astrological tarot deck and full-colour guidebook, presented in a beautiful, lidded box.

Written by bestselling author Marion Williamson in collaboration with tarot expert Tania Ahsan, this kit combines astrology and tarot in order to illuminate your journey through life. The specially designed card deck draws on celestial and astrological symbols to draw further insight into your personality, life choices and the lessons you are here to learn.

The 22 cards of the major arcana are named for the zodiac signs and celestial bodies while the minor arcana court cards relate to the progression of the sun throughout the day. The 56 minor arcana are divided into the four elements that each sign falls in (Earth, Air, Fire and Water). The accessible guidebook will help you to ask questions and interpret different tarot spreads to gain wisdom and guidance.

Whether you are an experienced or beginner tarot reader, this essential kit contains everything you need to get started in the metaphysical art of astrological tarot.

• A 78-card Tarot Deck
• A 128-page Guide Book

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About the Author

Tania Ahsan has written for a variety of publications on mind body spirit subjects, including Metro and The Guardian. She is the former editor of Prediction and Kindred Spirit magazines, and has a lifelong interest in spiritual topics. She is author of The Brilliant Book of Calm, Everyday Calming Rituals and 5 Minutes to Calm. She has previously ghostwritten, edited and consulted on many famous tarot decks. This is her first deck under her own name. She can be found online at

Marion Williamson is a best-selling astrology author and editor. Marion has been writing about different areas of self-discovery for over 30 years. A former editor of Prediction magazine for ten years, Marion has had astrology columns in TVTimes, TVEasy, Practical Parenting, Essentials and Anglers Mail.



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