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Bollywood Wives

Značka: Alex Khan
129 Kč
Skladem (4 ks)

A sexy, gripping, scandalous novel set in the world of Bollywood - for fans of Jackie Collins and Crazy Rich Asians Zara Das is Bollywood's hottest property, her every move watched by the eyes of the press. Riding high from the success of a string of blockbusters, she has the world at her feet, but the scandal from her latest film threatens to dethrone her as Bollywood's reigning queen.

So when superstar director Raj Dillon stages a lavish retelling of Pride and Prejudice, moving the shoot from Mumbai's soundstages to London, Zara knows this is the role that could put her back on top. Coming with them are the Bollywood Wives - Jackie, Sasha, and Rani - bringing their own off-screen drama.

But behind the diamonds, designer clothes and seven-star hotels lies the truth of how Zara reached the top. And when a dead body is found in her hotel room, it seems that someone is determined to take Zara down - and will stop at nothing to expose her darkest secrets.

Zara has spent years running from her past. But now it's caught up with her...

Everyone's talking about Bollywood Wives:

'Wow!! Sexy, mysterious, suspenseful and full of delicious and devious surprises... loved it!' Angela Marsons
'A sultry, sexy and rather dark thriller that pulls out all the stops!' My Chestnut Reading Tree
'A great book for reading on a hot beach somewhere - and it certainly took me back to my Jackie Collins days!' Always Need More Books
'Real Housewives meets Bollywood ... a showstopper of a read.' Steph Broadribb
'Full of glitz and glamour ... I read it in a day.' Ayisha Malik

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