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Doggie and A Pussycat - How they were washing the Floor

Značka: Josef Capek
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Dear children,
Josef Čapek, the writer, wrote for you the Tale About a doggie and a pussycat. For this Tale he also drew lots of very nice pictures. When he was writing and drawing all of this, little Alice was sitting on his lap. She was his daughter and he loved her very much, and little Alice loved her father. Because they were fond of each other like that, Mr. Čapek wrote and drew his story just like his Alice wished. Maybe she even suggested a bit what he should write and draw. However, we are not sure about that, we are just quessing. We would like to tell you that we are in good health and that we just began to be published as a serial for children. Now, as far as we know, you are going to be told in different books how we were washing the floor, how we made a cake, how we were writing a letter, how doggie tore his pants, then about a doll which was crying faintly and also about a proud night shirt. We are looking forward to tell you more. We hope that you feel the same. So bye and regards,



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